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If you're looking for a more natural and sustainable way to take care of your skin, using Matia Natural Body Care Cosmetics paraben-free and cruelty-free ingredients is the way to go. Formulated with the finest, the best quality natural ingredients to care for your skin, our body care range of products is perfect for those who want to protect their skin without harsh chemicals.

Take your beauty routine to the next level, and add natural body care products to your regimen. Our products are handmade to transform any type of skin, from deeply exfoliating natural body scrubs and cleansing body soaps, through super hydrating body butter to nourishing body oils. Whether you have dry, sensitive, or oily skin, we have the perfect solution for you!

Why Switch to Matia Natural Body Care? 

All-natural body care cosmetics are trending and for a good reason!


When you switch to Matia Natural Body Care products, you'll see the difference for yourself! The natural ingredients will help keep your skin healthy and free of harmful chemicals, while our natural formulas will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Some of the benefits of using Matia Natural Body Care Cosmetics

Our Natural Body Care Products are less likely to cause any skin irritation, as they are formulated without any harmful chemicals, artificial colours, or other unnecessary additives. Body scrubs, butter, oils, and soaps are made with only natural ingredients like coconut oil, Argan oil, shea butter, etc. These have been known to improve skin health and reduce inflammation.

The ingredients included in our skincare products have been used for centuries. They have developed from ancient remedies that have been known for their incredible benefits to the skin. Most of them are well known for their tremendous benefits for skincare, such as complexion unifying turmeric or helping to diminish the appearance of cellulite and ageing signs Avocado Oil.

Being known for eco-friendly and sustainable practices, we take a strong stand against animal cruelty in the cosmetics industry by using only ingredients that have not been tested on animals. Our products do not harm animals or the environment in any way, as they are made with only naturally derived ingredients.

All the products we make are produced from renewable raw materials. We never use any petrochemical ingredients derived from petrol, a non-renewable and economically volatile resource. Some examples of sources for our ingredients include:
•natural oils (i.e. Argan oil),
•spices (i.e. turmeric),
•plant extracts (i.e. Aloe Vera), etc.

This ingredient in our natural face masks range does wonders for your skin by helping to remove impurities, exfoliate the skin, and absorb excess oil. Deeply cleans pores and purifies the skin while reducing excess oils and tightening the pores.


Matia natural offers a premium natural skincare line in its purest form, containing organic and only active ingredients.