Simplify for sustainability: rediscovering minimalist and multifunctional skincare

Simplify for sustainability: rediscovering minimalist and multifunctional skincare

What is the minimalist and multipurpose beauty products approach and why are they more sustainable?


Multifunctional personal care products save you space, time, money and all while being more friendly to the planet.


Most of us, at certain time, developed the habit of buying more and more beauty care products seeking a little bit improvement in our skin. We also, at times, promise ourselves to stick to this eight or ten-step skin routine which we end up dropping because not only it’s time consuming but does not seem to be delivering the results we expect. Most of these beauty products clustered in our bathroom end up in the dustbin!


Could you imagine all the waste that is created through a complicated skincare routine? Does your skin really needs all these products to be healthy? Not mentioning all the time and money involved. But maybe it does not have to be this way, the steps to achieve a glowing skin is far less than the 10+ skincare routine. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of products on your bathroom counter or by the time it takes to do your skin routine, you might consider giving minimalist and multifunctional skincare approach a try.


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1. Minimalist skincare: New or rediscovered approach

2. Reasons to start on a minimalist and multifunction skincare routine

3. Multipurpose products that can be great for a minimalist skincare routine

4. Conclusion


1. Minimalist skincare: New or rediscovered approach


Minimalist is a skincare that is simple and easy to follow, focusing on key steps and ingredients needed to keep your skin healthy and glowing. One of the reasons why the minimalist approach to skincare is gaining momentum now, perhaps in response to the pandemic, as people try to simplify their lives with a simple yet effective and affordable routine.


Minimalist skincare routine approach might sound trendy for the past 5 years, but it existed way before. Ever wonder how women in ancient times used to make themselves beautiful, and maintaining a youthful skin? Their ritual didn’t quite include a 10-step routine but rather using pure simple ingredients from nature. Ancient Egyptian women for example, made a soap paste out of clay and olive oil to cleanse their skin. They also used dead sea salt to exfoliate, rejuvenate and heal their skin. Amazigh women, the local people of Morocco, had made of Argan multipurpose oil that they would use to soften hair, to moisturize and heal skin from scars and to keep it looking young.


With that said, does our skin need this multi-step routine to be healthy? Maybe adding more isn’t the answer, and going back to simpler, more targeted routine might be the key to achieve a glowing skin!


2. Reasons to start on a minimalist and multifunction skincare routine


There is time and place for everything. A complex 10-step skincare routine is slowly becoming a thing of the past, giving room now to an era of minimalist skincare that saves your skin, money, time and environmentally friendly.


Save Money and your skin


As much as we love diving deep into all the skincare goodness, buying and using more skin products that perform the same function might not only harm your skin by making it irritated and imbalanced, but will also hurt your wallet! Layering actives might compromise and disturb your skin barrier, the defense mechanism that protects us against external environmental threats as well as infections. Instead of constantly chasing the next new product – which might not even work on your skin- it is wiser and money saver to adopt a minimal routine that focuses on what’s best for you, products with targeted ingredients that serve many purposes.


Save time


Thankfully, we are slowly coming back to the culture of “less is more”. Little by little more people are stepping away from the belief that if you aren’t spending an hour morning/night daily on your skin or spending on more and more products, you aren’t investing on yourself as it should be.


Save the Planet


Ultimately using fewer and higher quality products that offer multi-beneficial performance are not only better for the skin, but also for the planet since less products means less waste.


3. Multipurpose products that can be great for a minimalist skincare


Matia Natural's Face and Body Care line includes multipurpose products that offer simple but powerful routine for targeted skin concerns. Our skincare products are concentrated and water free and are formulated with premium natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.


Everything a minimalist skincare routine needs:


cleansers with triple function

Our Rejuvenating Face polish and Coffee & Orange Face scrub can be used as a twice a week exfoliating face product if applied on wet skin. Both products can also be used as daily cleansers on wet skin. By adding more water, the face scrubs turn to a very creamy texture, gentle enough to be used everyday. The Rejuvenating polish and Coffee scrub can also be used as facial masks by leaving them 10 to 20 min on the face before rinse off to give the skin enough time to absorbs and benefit from all the goodness!


One serum for both day and night routine

Thanks to its combination of non-comedogenic oils along with squalene and Co-enzyme Q10 that boosts skin regeneration and collagen, our Eclat serum is light enough on the skin for daytime when using 2 drops. For more hydration and repair, 4 drops of Eclat Serum as an overnight treatment will leave your skin with an enhanced even out complexion and a glow.


One oil for all: Healthy skin and hair

Moroccan SPA Eucalyptus and Rosemary Oil is a light and easily absorbed body moisturizer, but when used on hair, it does wonders too! This super nourishing SPA like smelling oil can be applied on the scalp as a treatment before showering to stop hair loss and promote hair growth because of its rich content of Argan, hemp seed, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree. Apply one spray of this wonderful oil on the split ends after shower to hydrate and revive your locks.


4. Conclusion


Start by streamlining your routine to the essentials because that will save your skin, time, money and the planet. Ensure that the products you are left with are targeted for your skin concern. Once you determine which products will make up your new skincare routine, commit to it. Remember your skin needs approximately 28 days to renew itself, your skincare regimen and products should be consistent for you to reap the full benefits. Last but not least, you should always listen to your skin and adapt a routine accordingly.

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