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The United Arab Emirates has long been an international model of cultural diversity, as over 200 nationalities live together in the country. This social cohesion has only been strengthened in recent years, as the UAE has worked to become a tolerant and open society that can share a sense of community and belonging.


International organizations and leaders have praised these efforts, and the UAE has become a role model for other countries looking to achieve a harmonious coexistence between its various communities.


At Matia Natural, we are undoubtedly inspired by the successful UAE model and vision of coexistence and tolerance between different cultures existing within the UAE. As we understand that different ideals represent cultural beauty, we embrace diversity. It is why our portfolio of natural skincare contains diverse products that fit into different cultures within UAE.


Here's our approach to some significant cultural skincare product formulation.


In this blog:

1. Cultured Skincare powered by Tolerance & Coexistence.

2. Middle East Skincare.

3. Oriental Skincare.

4. African Skincare.

5. Indian Skincare.

6. Global Skincare.

7. Summary.


1. Cultured skincare powered by Tolerance & Coexistence.


The perception of beauty changes from person to person and culture to culture. There are countless definitions of beauty, but one thing is for sure - it's unique to each and every individual. Beauty as a whole has a meaningful effect on the way women are looked at. Its cultural significance is undeniable and has a powerful influence on how people of various backgrounds view women.


As we all know, there is no one size fits all approach. Just as every person's skin is unique, so are their skin care needs. The same applies to skincare. While everybody has the same skin, not everyone's skin tone and color are the same. And that's why a multicultural approach to skincare is essential. At Matia Natural, we offer a range of skincare products specifically formulated for those with different skin tones and colors.


2. Middle East Skincare.

Middle east woman showing beautiful skin

In the Middle East, skin tones tend to be very olive-toned. It is due to the climate in the region, which is typically sunny and dry. Sun exposure and air dryness can lead to some skin concerns, like uneven skin tone, discoloration, dry skin or acne. As natural skin beauty advocates, we are very proud to cater to Middle East skin needs.


By using Frankincense (predominantly found in Oman and Yemen and locally known as "Luban" or "Arabic gum") - one of the Middle East's most prized natural remedies in our products, we offer a super luxurious ritual for a brighter, firmer, and radiant skin valued by Arab women.


3. Oriental Skincare.


For thousands of years, Asian women have been adorning themselves with beautiful clothing and jewelry, and taking part in beauty rituals designed to keep them looking young and fresh. Much like these traditions, the oriental beauty landscape is a fascinating field to look into.


Knowing the benefits of the beloved by oriental cultures powdered form of green tea drink- matcha, we formulate the best in-the-class natural beauty body scrub that contains matcha. The antioxidants in matcha help to protect our skin from damage caused by free radicals. Matcha also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe irritated skin.


4. African Skincare.


There's no denying that natural African skincare ingredients have a moment in the beauty world. More and more people are interested in using products made with ingredients sourced from the continent, and for a good reason.


We know that African skincare ingredients, like Our Neroli, Argan oil and Moroccan Nila, have a reputation for being incredibly effective and gentle on the skin. So, if you're looking for natural skin care products with iconic African skincare ingredients in their formulas, our range of Face and Body Care products is worth checking out.


5. Indian Skincare.


Beauty has always been a vital aspect of Indian culture. For centuries, Indian women have used various methods to enhance their physical attractiveness by using natural ingredients such as oils and herbs. A special place of honour in the Indian cultured skincare regime has always held turmeric.


Thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can improve the appearance of scars and dark spots left behind by acne. Furthermore, turmeric can help decrease redness and soothe irritated skin.


These benefits make turmeric a great natural option for those looking to improve the appearance of their skin. This is why our turmeric collection is inspired by the Indian Ayurvedic tradition of using turmeric to treat many skin conditions.


6. Global Skincare.

Coffee beauty products

Coffee is a common natural ingredient that many cultures can relate to. The substances in coffee also help to promote healthy skin. Coffee beans are a good source of antioxidants, which can help to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.


The caffeine in coffee can also help to stimulate blood flow and promote cell turnover, which can help to keep the skin looking young and healthy. Considering that coffee is a multipurpose ingredient that can offer a variety of skincare benefits, we have made it an integral part of many formulas. Check out our coffee and orange pack. 

7. Cultured Skincare - Summary


The UAE is a land of great cultural diversity. This diversity is reflected in cultured skincare products specially formulated to meet all the checkpoints of true goodness for different skincare routines. We understand that one size does not fit all; this is also true regarding skincare.


Just as people come in different shapes and sizes, so do they come in various skin colors, tones and ethnicities. And just as there are different types of clothing for different body types, there is also a need for different types of skincare products for different skin types. We recognize this strong connection between culture and beauty standards.


In many cultures, having clear and youthful skin signifies beauty and good health. As a result, women (and sometimes men) go to great lengths to achieve and maintain perfect skin. This involves using natural skincare products designed for specific ethnicities.


Here at Matia Natural, our passion for caring for various skin colours, tones, and ethnicities is the leading factor in truly being everyone's skincare product provider. By choosing Matia Natural Beauty products, you can rest assured that we recognize the different skin needs of different ethnicities.

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