5 reasons to buy local brands skincare products

5 reasons to buy local brands skincare products

Including local skincare products in your regimen helps in boosting local economy, innovation and sustainability in UAE


The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its thriving economy, has become one of the most important business destinations in the world. It is home to numerous international brands and businesses that have made the country their base of operations. However, there is growing attention on the importance of local production in the UAE as the country seeks to diversify its economy and build a sustainable future.


A couple of years back, UAE relied on imported food from all over the world to meet its needs, due to its geographical/environmental conditions. Now in 2023, restaurants and supermarkets in UAE can source high-quality organic local produce that is not limited to lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. March 2023 marked the first harvest of protein-enriched wheat grown at a massive farm in Sharjah. But beyond food, the UAE is boosting its manufacturing sector and the use of renewable energy to achieve self-sufficiency and sustainability in different industries.


There are numerous reasons and advantages in investing in skincare products that are locally produced, benefits that go far beyond the support of your local community.


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1. Local brands boost local economy

2. Skincare Tailored to hot humid climate in UAE

3. Local brands helping the environment

4. Local brands promote a self-sufficient economy

5. Local brands foster innovation, national pride and identity

6. Conclusion


1. Local Brands boost local economy


One of the main benefits of local production is the boost of local economy. When you purchase skincare products from local brands, your money stays in your community and helps those that live near you. Making the decision to support local businesses brings prosperity and boosts the local economy. Furthermore, it helps to create local jobs and allows local businesses to grow and broaden their reach and customer base as well. This leads to the creation of job opportunities in the country, which helps to reduce unemployment and promote economic growth. The ripple effect of money moving through your local community helps to build long-term wealth for everyone. Moreover, local production helps to retain talent within the country, which is essential for building a skilled workforce.


2. Skincare tailored to hot humid climate in UAE


When businesses produce locally, they gain a deeper understanding of the local market and the needs of consumers. This leads to the development of skincare products that are tailored to the needs and tastes of the local population. Our Local skincare products are formulated to fit the specific customers’ needs in hot desert climate of UAE. The climate in UAE is characterized by being hot, humid and dusty, all of which can lead to skin dehydration, premature ageing and dark spots. It is important for your skincare regimen to include products that lock in moisture and repair the skin barrier for a deep and long-lasting hydration. Skincare products rich in antioxidants will protect the skin from environmental stressors. Exfoliating can help removing dust, build ups and dead cells to reveal a radiant skin.


3. Local brands helping the environment


Most local skincare brands are more environmentally friendly than large, global brands. Smaller, local businesses that use locally sourced ingredients or serve a smaller community tend to have products that contain less chemicals and harsh ingredients that cause harm to the environment. buying local skincare products leads to less carbon emissions from shipping. Even if you buy international products at a local store, those products had to be shipped in from their place of origin, adding extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from the boats, airplanes and trucks that transported them.


At Matia Natural, we take the environmental issues a priority in producing our locally made skincare. To alleviate water shortage, we decided to formulate water-free products that are filled with natural oils and actives instead of water for better benefits to skin and planet. We source our finest ingredients ethically from farms, cooperatives that support woman, and cosmetic raw materials suppliers that are like-minded and share same ethos towards the environment. To reduce waste, we encourage adopting a minimalist and multifunctional approach to skincare routine. We adopted the biodegradable sustainable bamboo in our packaging. Bamboo grows rapidly and it is biodegradable and 100% compostable.


4. Local brands promote a self-sufficient economy


The COVID 19’s effect on international trade has made buying local more important than ever. The reduction of cross-border trade at the time of COVID had shone the spotlight upon the importance of self- sufficiency and local production. Many people after the pandemic had adopted multi streams income approach and became entrepreneurs and local brand owners that strive to create high quality, innovative and competitive products in the market.


Moreover, Local production helps to reduce dependence on imports, which can be essential for the UAE's long-term economic growth. With the country aiming to diversify its economy, local production is necessary to reduce dependence on oil and gas revenues. By producing goods locally, the country can build a more self-sufficient economy that is less vulnerable to external shocks and can also expand those products globally.


5. Local production fosters innovation, national pride and identity


The world of brands has moved from brand centric corporate model to consumer centric model which is based on shared values, authenticity and a cause that consumes can join, be proud of and advocate. One of the main value a locally made skincare can share with its customers is “proudly made in UAE”. A pride that we, at Matia Natural, takes responsibly to continuously producing high quality, eco-friendly, innovative and sustainable skincare tailored to local consumers.


6. Conclusion


In conclusion, local production is critical for the UAE's long-term economic growth and sustainability. By creating jobs, reducing transportation costs, promoting innovation, reducing dependence on imports, and promoting national pride, local production has a multitude of benefits for the country.


here’s how you can help:


Next time, before you hit “place order” with an e-commerce giant, find out whether a local retailer offers the same or a similar item. You can also put a spotlight on small independent businesses by following them on social media, writing positive reviews, and posting photos of purchases.

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